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refugeescrack's Journal

Crack Community for World Refugees
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Where the members of Worldrefugees go to have cracktastic fun
T h i s c r a z y w o r l d

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& r o y a l t y

Welcome to the crack community for worldrefugees2.

There’s just a few rules required here!

→ Be polite.
→ We'd like it if you were an existing member of WR, or have played the game before. If not, that's okay, but keep in mind that you'll be playing with a ton of OCs and some kind of crackalicious ideas.
→ Post any porn with a warning in the post.
→ Know there will/may be yaoi, yuri, het, threesomes, orgies, whatever comes up, here.
→ No application required; this is somewhat like Kingdomdressing in that aspect.
→ You may play as anyone. Yes, that includes a fellow refugee.
→ We politely ask you that you do keep it to Disney, Square or WR. Unless you have a crackalicious idea. Ask a mod!
→ When doing your info for the character, please put in who they are. If it’s a Roxas who is in love with Songbird, put that, so we know.
→ Tag your entries by name (Roxas, Riku, etc)
→ They're all trapped in a huge room. The room provides anything. Etc. ♥
→ Have fun!

Mod Info

→ Mod: Chii // journal: lewdness
Other characters played:
→ Ask and you’ll find out. ♥
► AIM: → box of roxas
► MSN: → chiiaroscuro[at]hotmail[dot]com
► YIM: → twilight.path[at]yahoo[dot]com
► Gtalk → (same as email) twilight.path[at]gmail[dot]com

→ Mod: Ryune // journal: taistoi
Other characters played:
☼ Axel // plan_awesome
☼ Xaldin // fakebritgit
☼ Max Goof // [Unknown LJ tag]
☼ Also: several incarnations of myself, Cid Highwind, Mr. Hanekoma, Every Version of Axel ever, and many more. Ask.
► AIM: → kitsuneryune // planawesome

→ Mod: Ryuu
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